Sunday, January 25, 2015

Spinning at almost 34 weeks

This morning I woke up and headed to a 7:30am Flywheel class. I haven't done a class in way too long and was looking forward to it.

I was excited to ride with a pregnant instructor, Jen. She's 32 weeks pregnant (I think) and still teaching classes. I was also surprised to see a mom friend from Mason's school get on the bike next to me (Lindsay is also pregnant with her second child and she's 20 something weeks).

Jen led us through a tough and challenging class and I found myself scaling back the RPMs quite a bit. After only jogging for the past couple of months my legs were definitely out of shape.

The 45 minute class was a great way to start my Sunday, and even managed to warm me up a bit (it was 30 degrees when I got there and I left a dripping sweaty mess).

It was a tough work out but I left the studio feeling energized, especially on the walk to Poppy's where I promptly ordered a garlic bagel with olive cream cheese ... It's delicious I swear!

Looking forward to another Flywheel class this week ... And another bagel.

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