Saturday, January 31, 2015

January running in review

For the month of January I had set a goal of 50 miles jogging for myself.  I knew I wanted to take it easy and figured I would get tired of treadmill and indoor track running pretty quickly.

Lucky for me I was able to run outdoors a few times and didn't tire too easily of being stuck indoors.  We still have a lot of winter left so there is plenty of time for me to miss running outdoors.

total miles - 52.25 miles
total number of runs - 17
longest distance - 4.45 mile on 1/7
shortest distance - 2 mile on 1/1
average distance - 3.07 miles
fastest pace - 9:51 min/mile on 1/9
slowest pace - 13:27 min/mile on 1/7
I would love to hit 50 miles in February but with 3 less days (and an even bigger pregnant belly) I doubt it'll happen.

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