Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Boca - Cheeseburger Review

While in Florida this past weekend, I had the opportunity to dine at Boca Winter Park, a kitchen/bar/market with a huge emphasis on seasonal local ingredients.

After reviewing the menu prior to arrival, I knew I was going to order their house burger.

Life Changing Waygu Burger 17
Aged Cheddar, Pickle, Tomato, Lettuce, B-1 Sauce, BE-1 sauce,
Tru ffle Parmesan Fries

At $17 this was definitely one of the most costly burgers I've ever ordered.  I am not sure what the B-1 sauce and BE-1 sauce were, but they must've been good because I ate the entire burger.  I did order my burger without the tomato and took most of the lettuce off towards the end.  Who wants to waste time with vegetables when there is a huge meat patty to enjoy?

The burger patty itself wasn't incredibly seasoned, but it didn't need to be either.  The quality of the meat was so high that I didn't mind just tasting ground beef with every bite.  

The fries were ok.  I would've hoped the truffle fries would have stolen the show but they were a second thought.  I didn't finish them and offered them to the other diners at my table.

I wouldn't call this burger life changing, and at $17 be prepared to spend way more than necessary.  It was definitely a good burger though and even made the (pregnancy) heartburn later that night worthwhile.

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