Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What our day was like ...

I thought it would be fun to see what a day in the life was like for us.  It's really not that exciting ... I mean I spend my day at home with a toddler and dog.  But sometimes there are outings (like today's lunch) and friends who stop by (morning toddler play date). 

6:20 - I wake up to use the bathroom. Head back to bed.
6:45 - decide to wake up for good and start catching up on email, Facebook, and Instagram before the rest of the family is awake
7:15 - head downstairs to start the coffee maker and get breakfast going
7:30 - Mason has now joined me downstairs and is watching TV while I cook. I also decide to start a load of laundry.

7:45 - breakfast as a family. Ryan doesn't travel this week so it's been fun having him around. I have an egg, blueberries, 1/2 banana, and cinnamon raisin English muffin.  

8:00 - clean up kitchen and head upstairs to play
9:00 - friend comes over for a play date
10:15 - friend leaves and Mason demands snack downstairs.  He has yogurt and wants more food.  I convince him to wait until lunch.
10:30 - Head back upstairs to clean up playroom and put away laundry. Read books until lunch.

12:00 - special treat from dad ... Lunch at Tijuana Flats!

1:00 - put Mason down for nap. Head downstairs to empty dishwasher.
1:30 - Head back upstairs to clean master bathroom. Notice Mason is finally asleep.
2:00 - free time for mom. Too full from lunch but thinking I should sneak off to gym for a bit.
2:30 - treadmill at YMCA.  slow 2.22 miles to even off my miles for the year.
3:15 - shower and rest until Mason wakes up.
4:00 - Mason is up and demands a snack.  actually he asks nicely this time and we head downstairs for some fruit.
4:15 - we head back upstairs to play.  we color and read books (yes the same ones we read this morning).
5:00 - I head downstairs to start dinner prep.
5:15 - back upstairs to play some more until dinnertime
5:45 - finish up dinner and sit down to eat as a family.  I made sweet potatoes and a kale/quinoa mixture (kale, quinoa, craisins, walnuts, feta cheese, and capers).  Along with that I had 1/2 banana and a slice of buttered toast. I've been craving carbs like crazy and gave the boys steak to go along with their meal.

After dinner we spend time downstairs while I clean up the kitchen.  Mason likes to play in his mini kitchen with his play food.
6:45 - head upstairs to play until bath time
7:15 - bath time and start bed time routine ... brush teeth, go potty, get pajamas on, and read lots of books. 
7:45 - head downstairs after leaving Mason's room.  eat some ice cream and head back upstairs.
8:15 - Mason is finally asleep and I am in bed reading blogs online.  once this post is finished I'll brush my teeth and start to drift off to sleep (ideally).
each day is slightly different ... especially since Mason has been off from school.  most mornings we wake up between 6:45-7:15.  when Ryan isn't traveling we are lucky to have him for meals.  it also gives me the opportunity to sneak away to the gym for 45 minutes (roundtrip) while Mason is napping. 
Cleaning is done every day ... I target different rooms on different days.  for example I vacuumed the entire upstairs of our house yesterday and cleaned Mason's bathroom.  On Sunday I cleaned the downstairs half bathroom.  Too much house and not enough time to clean everything in one day. 
I shower after working out and on days that I don't get to work out I shower before bed.  I am not a morning shower person and try to get it done when time permits (a luxury and curse of being a stay at home mom).
And I think that's it for my random notes.  I'm exhausted!  

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  1. Loved reading - and knowing that SAHM days are similar but fullfilling and exhausting at the same time :) Mason is such a cutie!