Monday, December 29, 2014

Thirty three months

this will be the last Mason update until the big 3 years old! 

please please please tell me that the terrible two's do not continue to the terrible three's.  sheesh there isn't much more I can take of Mason's antics and shenanigans.  sometimes he's just. so. bad.  and other times he can be such a doll.  toddlers are definitely little versions of bipolar sufferers. 

this week the kid hates bath-time.  so much so that he's started peeing in the tub again.  I HATE PEE IN THE TUB! 

I think part of the issue has been holiday break from preschool.  I know he only attends 3 days a week but those days away from home, alongside his buddies, under someone else's watch are so important to both of our wellbeing.  We are now on week 2 of no school and I'm pretty sure we're both ready to kill each other. 

Maybe I'm a bit hormonal and dramatic with the whole pregnancy thing.  I clearly don't have as much patience as I should when dealing with a toddler.  It's not really Mason's fault ... he's 2.  He's learning every day the difference between right and wrong. 


  • favorite foods - French toast sticks for breakfast, almond milk out of a big boy cup, carrots with hummus, "dip" (guacamole), and various fruits depending on the day.  he definitely has maintained his healthy appetite and seems to be growing bigger and stronger each day
  • favorite toys - he's too quick to jump from toy to toy so it's hard to pick one favorite ... he still sleeps with both of his Georgie's (curious George), he likes his new train set, likes the idea of his baseball glove, and his kitchen full of play food
  • favorite activities - sweeping the leaves outside with a broom.  seriously.  it's a bizarre activity.  eating snacks.  watching youtube videos on Ryan's iPhone.
  • gets in trouble for - hitting the dog, hitting his parents, throwing toys down the stairs, banging on Ryan's office door while Ryan is working
  • funny phrases - "come on man", singing his ABC's, singing "strong than 1, stronger than 10, stronger than 100 men ... huh", mostly anything in song form

He's done leaps and bounds better with the potty training ... still using pullups at naptime and bedtime.  Loves to go potty by himself now, although he prefers to do everything by himself lately. 

He truly is a funny little guy and most times I love my time spent with him.  I just need to work on being more patient and forgiving of him. 

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