Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November running in review

Let's hear it for a month without any major injuries or sicknesses!  The only thing that prevented me from running in November was a weekend in FL (I packed running clothes but the weather was absolutely horrible), and having in-laws in town to entertain for Thanksgiving.


50.5 total miles
total runs -17
average miles ran each time - 2.97 miles
fastest pace - 11/4 3 miles 9:01 min/mi
slowest pace - 11/12 1.1 miles 14:14 min/mi 
shortest run - 1.1 miles on 11/12
longest run - 4.6 miles on 11/24
# of races - 0
I'm glad that I managed to run at least 50 miles in November, on top of starting Pure Barre.  Not sure how many miles I'll get done in December but hopefully it'll be enough to hit 900 miles for the year.  That would require almost 60 miles of running so we'll see how that goes ...

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