Monday, December 29, 2014

A humbling experience

Yesterday I walked into the ymca expecting to do my usual couple of miles around the indoor track. Instead I was inspired by a passerby to do yoga.

It wasn't a prenatal yoga class so I had to modify some of the positions ... Such as cobra or upward dog.

Also my balance was pretty comical. I kept leaning over from my middle heavy belly.

It was a peaceful experience, but also very humbling since I couldn't do as many positions as I was once used to. Overall I'm glad I gave my body a break from running ... Even though I did run a one mile after the class before heading home.

Today I just finished 3.25 miles around the indoor track and am curious how many more I need to finish up the 900 miles for the year.

With only two more days left (after today) of 2014 I better get going!

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