Thursday, December 18, 2014

2 very different 2 milers

Short and sweet. That's the name of my jogging game lately. I don't want to put any stress on the baby and quite frankly it's become more difficult to keep up a faster pace.

Yesterday I did my 2 miler outdoors at the beautiful Little Sugar Creek greenway. It also helped that my goal for finishing was a Bruegger's bagel ... Did y'all know that they have olive cream cheese and garlic bagels?

It was around 40 degrees and I was definitely dressed for it.

This morning Mason asked me where we were going today (he loves being out on the town it seems) so the gym seemed like a viable option. This was my fifth morning running in a row so I wanted to take it easy.

Another 2 miler but this time indoors around the track. Much different wardrobe choice when running at the gym. Loved my cute backless shirt and sports bra combo, but unfortunately the bump has gotten too big and the shirt isn't long enough anymore :(

Probably taking a day off tomorrow from running but hoping to meet my goal of running 900 miles in 2014. I think I have 19 miles to go!

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