Monday, November 10, 2014

My first pure barre experience

Happy Monday!

After dropping Mason off at school I headed about 0.5 miles down the street to the Pure Barre studio. Class didn't start until 9:40 so I used my free time to go on a jog.

2.5 miles later I was ready to sign in for my first Pure Barre class. I paid for the $100 unlimited month new student special in hopes of attending at least 9-10 classes. Bank of America was also offering 10% cash back on all Pure Barre purchases so I figured I couldn't pass up $90 on these classes.

Holy intense! The class was hard ... In a good way though. My thighs were definitely shaking at some points. Elizabeth (the instructor) was fabulous in showing me some modifications for my pregnant self.

All in all I was a little overwhelmed because all of the chicks (and one dude) seemed to really know what they were doing. But hopefully after going a few more times I'll be one of the regulars :)

The rest of my morning has been filled with a much needed (overpriced) manicure and pedicure and now some decaf coffee at Starbucks.

Hope everyone is having a great morning!

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  1. I love Pure Barre and used to go to that studio when I lived in Charlotte. I remember Elizabeth, too. I always liked her classes. Some of the moves definitely get easier with time, but then they go and change them up you and make them harder! Pregnancy doesn't make it any easier, though, but I did Pure Barre through my whole pregnancy and I definitely think it helped me keep my core as under control as a pregnant woman can.

    1. that's awesome you did PB through your pregnancy! we'll see how I feel after my 1st month goes :D