Wednesday, October 29, 2014

pregnancy #2 - week 21

another week, fortunately nothing new to report.

I mostly do these weekly updates as an excuse to wear non work out clothes.  Mason saw what I was wearing and asked if I was going to a meeting ... that's usually where I say I'm going if I have to leave in the evening.  No son, I just wanted to wear something other than gym clothes, but thanks for noticing.

now that he's finally napping (little bugger kept fighting it today) I can sit down and get to the real important stuff of my week ... Baby Brother's weekly updates.

 Gap Body Maternity tank, size extra small, Forever 21 skirt, size medium

according to, baby is the size of a pomegranate at 10.5 inches, and 12.7 ounces.

Baby Brother has been super active lately ... lots of kicking and moving around.  I've been pretty active myself since taking some time off due to the fall earlier this month and my recent cold.  I've managed to get some miles in and even took a barre class this morning at Xtend Barre.

I like rounding up and telling people I'm almost 6 months pregnant because I feel like I've gotten so big.  I am still wearing 99% regular clothing, with the occasional wear of this tank and my new maternity work out pants I broke in today.  I did buy some maternity jeans and a few tops while shopping at the Gap but have yet to wear them.  I looked back at my previous pregnancy posts from Mason and saw that I was wearing "normal" jeans at week 28.  Not that there is anything wrong with wearing maternity clothes ... comfort is comfort.  And I'm truly fortunate that my stay at home mom uniform consists of work out gear.

I did buy some non-alcoholic beer recently but have yet to try it.  Guess I've been waiting for the right sporting event and pan of spicy wings to try one.  

Baby Brother will be attending his first wedding this weekend, so that should be fun squeezing into a fancy dress and trying to stay awake past 8pm.  So excited for my friend Katie and her husband-to-be Brandon!

Week 22 should have an update from the doctor since my appointment is next Friday.  Other than that see ya next week for another Baby Brother update!

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