Monday, October 27, 2014

Falling into the GAP

First let me start off by saying this post is not sponsored (sad face) but is truly me shouting from the rooftop about my great buys today.

I finally decided to start buying maternity clothes (I had gotten rid of all my previous stuff since I was convinced I was one and done).

I started my search at the GAP and was pleasantly surprised to find all sale items were an extra 50% off.

For under $40 I got:
A pair of work out capris ($2.98)
A white racer back tank ($0.98)
A red ballet neck tee ($2.98)
A blue v neck tee ($7.49)
And gray skinny jeans ($20.99)

I am such the bargain shopper aren't I?

And I couldn't leave baby brother without some new clothes to add to all of his hand-me-downs:

2 pairs of zip up footless pajamas that are by far my favorite when he's around 12-18 months
4 onesies
1 pair of lounge pants
1 pair of boat shoes
1 hat
All for under $40

Not sure how long this sale is going for but y'all should definitely check it out. Lots of great finds!

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