Wednesday, October 1, 2014

30 months

Although it has only been a couple of months since the last Mason update, I thought 2.5 years would be good for documentation purposes (especially since I'll probably look back at these when baby #2 is this age).

Mason Mason Mason ... I wish I was happier with you at this very instant, but I'm not.  You had a bad report from one of your teachers today at school.  I do not understand why you hit your friends while you're at school but it needs to stop.  Also you can't say "NO" to your teachers when they ask you to do something, or to stop doing something (I am going to assume hit a fellow classmate).  And then there was a potty accident while you were playing outside.  It has only been a couple of weeks since you began wearing undies to school instead of a pull-up, but you have only had 2 days when you came home in the same shorts you went to school in.  The rest of the days have had an accident occur at some point during the morning.

I just don't know what to do.  Everything I have read says that hitting is a stage some toddlers go through at this age.  But why does my sweet boy have to be one of the statistics?  And it doesn't help that Mason is so much bigger than the other kids ... he's turned into the bully :(  

Parenting isn't easy ... and it's not all about the fun and games that come along with it.  There are definite struggles, and I'm not one to hide from writing about what is really going on with our lives.  

Onto a brighter note ... 

You've been sleeping in your big boy bed and have done well at night.  Last night I did have to scoop you up from the floor around 3:30am and place you back into bed, so falling every once in awhile is still an issue.  We lock you in your room around 7:45pm and open the door for you when you wake up at 6:45am.  

The only recent drawbacks have been with napping.  I think the excitement of having your abuela and abuelo in town caused you to go a bit crazy and skip most of your naps during a 2 week stretch.  We are on day 2 of the return to naps so let's hope it stays this way.  

  •  you have 3 more swim lessons left and I think we are good with waiting until you are a bit older to continue lessons.  your attention span is not there and although the class is only 30 minutes, you find a way to end it early almost weekly.  
  • you started soccer and have gone twice so far.  one week you missed due to a fever and one week you missed due to weather (it was canceled but I told you that you weren't allowed to go because of missing your nap)
  • you are now obsessed with the movie Frozen.  you probably watch 5-10 minutes every other day but that is enough to keep you asking for Anna and Elsa
  • size wise I have no idea ... still growing (obviously) but no clue on height or weight.  

Fingers crossed the hitting stage will go away soon and we'll have our sweet boy back.  

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