Wednesday, September 17, 2014

pregnancy #2 - week 15

thankfully another pretty uneventful week ...

still running, eating too much, and waking up way too many times in the middle of the night.

Baby C ran his 2nd race this past Saturday.  It was a sluggish 10k but we managed to finish!  It's doubtful I'll enter any other races during this pregnancy but you never know.  for now I'll continue running 2-4 miles a few times a week until my body says that is enough with the running.

according to, baby is the size of a navel orange, weighing 2.5 ounces and measuring 4 inches.  

 Gap Body maternity tank, size extra small/Forever 21 leggings, size small

I can't believe I've already busted out the stretchy pants during this pregnancy, but today it just felt right.  it's right around 65 degrees and pretty gray/dreary out. 

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