Thursday, September 11, 2014

pregnancy #2 - week 14


Not much happening during week 14.  I still pee a lot, I still have restless sleep, I still eat a lot, and I'm still complaining about how tired I am (sorry Ryan).

according to the, baby C is the size of a lemon, 3.4 inches and 1.5 ounces.  

I've been calling the baby a "he" and Mason seems to agree with the brother dynamic.  We'll find out in a month (I hope) the gender, but until then I'll just keep hoping the baby is healthy, regardless of boy or girl.

 Gap Body Maternity Tank size extra small, JCrew chino shorts, size 0

I'm still running 4-5 times a week, although much slower than before.  Baby C is even doing its second race this Saturday.  it'll be a slow one for sure but I'm looking forward to racing again. 

I'm working on keeping the eating a little healthier but all I want to eat are bread products!  Especially bagels ... and croissants ... and anything in a sandwich form.  Sigh.  Good thing I'm still running I guess.


  1. Congratulations!! Such an exciting time, minus the nausea :) Way to go at keeping up with your fitness!