Thursday, September 11, 2014

pregnancy #2 - week 13


week 13 ... the last week of the first trimester.  yahoo!  

this week I've had some crazy dreams, continued with the middle of the night bathroom breaks, and seem to have restless leg syndrome.  as you can imagine sleep has been a rarity and I've been sluggish in the morning.  it usually takes me an hour to fall back asleep after waking up in the wee hours of the night.

other than that I feel great.  my energy is back (for the most part) until I use it all up mopping the entire downstairs and then I feel like collapsing by 4:45pm.  

I've been eating everything in my sight ... and then complaining of eating too much.  the weight is being packed on (no official weight until 9/22 doctor's appointment) and you can definitely notice a baby bump this early on.
 Still wearing Gap Body Maternity tank, size extra small, and a different pair of size 00 JCrew chino shorts.

Fortunately I've still been running and even took another Flywheel class on Monday.  

Baby is the size of a peach, about 2.9 inches long and 0.81 ounces in weight.

We've started to tell people the great news which is starting to make things feel more real.  

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