Thursday, September 11, 2014

pregnancy #2 - week 12


Never say never ... I didn't think Ryan and I would be having any more kids after Mason but realized we had a little more love to give.  Plus Mason would love a little constant companion ... sorry Honey you're not cutting it as the other sibling; you'll stay, but remain in your dog role.
 So week 12 huh?  This is when I announced it last time and although everything is healthy with the baby I still feel weird about telling people.  So this post will find its way published during week 13.  Sorry folks still neurotic over here.

Couple of stats from my ob/gyn appointments (weight wise):
7/22 - 108 pounds
8/19 - 111 pounds

I feel I am definitely showing more of a belly than last time and am constantly reminded of it by Ryan (thanks love).  

The morning sickness went away and I'm finding myself with some more energy lately.  The running has been back in full force, although slightly slower.  I'm not sure if I'll sign up for any races from here on out, especially not a half marathon like pregnancy #1.  Just doesn't seem necessary.

I've basically stopped drinking coffee, with the occasional small cup here and there, or my new favorite order at Starbucks ....
iced Americano, 1 shot regular, 1 shot decaf, with skim milk

I decided I'll wear the same shirt for all weekly pictures since it's a maternity style.  Current week outfit:
Gap Body Maternity tank in extra small, 00 size JCrew chino shorts

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