Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Parking lot woes

It's no secret that the Harris YMCA is one of the most popular and busiest gyms in Charlotte ... Which makes their parking lot a nightmare!

Between summer camps, awesome classes, and a general fitness craze throughout Charlotte, their parking lot can be hard to navigate.

If you're lucky you can snag a parking spot up front which makes entering with a wiggly toddler so much easier. Which is why when I saw a woman pointing at her car and signaling to me that she was leaving I was ecstatic. So I slowly started to back up to give her room to leave in her giant suburban.

Unfortunately the lady in the red Cadillac behind me had other plans and wouldn't budge. Normally gym goers are gracious and friendly and at least accommodating. Not this lady. After I got dangerously close to her car she moved an inch and the nice woman leaving was able to squeak by.

I parked and the rude red car lady shouted all sorts of things out her window at me. We entered almost at the same time (she had handicap parking right next to the building) and she continued to yell at me about holding up traffic. Poor Mason had no idea why this woman was yelling at me so I told her to have a good day and moved away.

I noticed she had a yoga mat with her so I hope for her sake she finds peace and calmness this morning.

I let off some steam around the outdoor track and finished 4 sweaty miles. It was exactly what I needed to clear my head.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday and sorry for my parking rant ... I just hate being yelled at by strangers :/

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  1. Hi! My name is Brian, I'm the fitness director of the YMCA with the crazy parking lot. I Noticed this blog as I was doing some research for new programs we are offering. I love how dedicated you are to your fitness and it seems like you really enjoy our facility. I'd love to meet with you and see if there is anything we can do to help you achive your goals. Just e-mail me if your interseted, Brian.Schmitt@ymcacharlotte.org Take Care!