Sunday, August 31, 2014

August running in review

I managed to run more miles and more often during the month of August than July.  Last August (2013) I ran 83 miles which is slightly disappointing since I didn't hit the 80 mile mark this month.  

My "long" run was also pretty short but I found myself with less opportunities to run longer distances.  I'm limited on time while Mason is at childwatch at the YMCA and don't love running more than 5 miles around the outdoor track.  

I also did not sign up for any races in August, which is also disappointing, but look to do maybe 1 race in September.  

Looking forward to Mason being back at preschool next week so that I can knock out some longer runs!

  76.1 total miles
total runs - 21
average miles ran each time - 3.62 miles
fastest pace - 8/30 2.5 miles on indoor track 7:36 min/mi
slowest pace - 8/31 2.61 miles along Queens RD 9:57 min/mi 
shortest run -  2 miles on 8/14
longest run - 5.15 miles on 8/20
# of races - 0

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