Sunday, August 31, 2014

August running in review

I managed to run more miles and more often during the month of August than July.  Last August (2013) I ran 83 miles which is slightly disappointing since I didn't hit the 80 mile mark this month.  

My "long" run was also pretty short but I found myself with less opportunities to run longer distances.  I'm limited on time while Mason is at childwatch at the YMCA and don't love running more than 5 miles around the outdoor track.  

I also did not sign up for any races in August, which is also disappointing, but look to do maybe 1 race in September.  

Looking forward to Mason being back at preschool next week so that I can knock out some longer runs!

  76.1 total miles
total runs - 21
average miles ran each time - 3.62 miles
fastest pace - 8/30 2.5 miles on indoor track 7:36 min/mi
slowest pace - 8/31 2.61 miles along Queens RD 9:57 min/mi 
shortest run -  2 miles on 8/14
longest run - 5.15 miles on 8/20
# of races - 0

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Will run for BBQ

After a fun morning of watching football and eating breakfast with close friends, it was time to squeeze in a run before eating lunch.

Thankfully Ryan took over Mason duty and I headed to the YMCA to knock out 2.5 miles on the indoor track. By 1:30pm it was already 85 degrees out and I couldn't handle running outdoors.

I finished my run in just over 19 minutes and headed to Bill Spoon's BBQ to grab takeout.

This place has been around for a long time and is a local favorite. It was our first time trying the food (thanks to a recent groupon purchase) but everything about this place was awesome.

Friendly service, great prices, good sized portions. They usually give you a vinegar based BBQ sauce but will give you a tomato based sauce instead if you ask. Lots of hushpuppies come with your order too!

We'll definitely hit this place up in the future when the hankering for North Carolina BBQ rises up.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Mason's past week: sleep edition

Oh what a week we've had at the Chalmers household!  

Last Friday night I took this picture of Mason right before leaving him for bedtime.  I sent it to Abuela to show her that he still loves wearing the pajamas she gave him.

After Mason goes to bed I usually retreat to our bedroom to start winding down for the day.  I was laying in bed watching television when I noticed that Mason was no longer in the camera shot. 

Knock knock knock.

The next thing we know Mason is at our bedroom door knocking.  He thought it was hysterical that he got out of his crib.  So Ryan and I put him back into his crib and said good night again.

Knock knock knock.

Sheesh.  Mason had discovered how to escape the pack n play during our family beach trip so I figured it was only a matter of time before he used his size to heave himself out of the crib.  We brought him into our bed to settle him down and eventually he dozed off.  Ryan then took him back to his room so that he could sleep in his crib.

The next morning he was up around 6am and out of his crib.  We knew it wouldn't be safe for him to continue using his crib and would have to finally convert it to a toddler bed.

In order to keep him "locked" in his room, we use a child lock on the door knob on his side of the door.  He hasn't figured out how to open it yet which at least keeps him some what safe in his room until he falls asleep.

So far he has only taken 3 naps during the past 7 days. 

Instead of sleeping, he spends his time rearranging his room, taking everything out of his dresser, taking things out of his closet, and basically making a gigantic mess.

He also spends part of the time knocking on the door as if to get some passerby to save him.  Sorry buddy you're stuck in there whether or not you sleep.

It's a frustrating process but hopefully he'll get the hang of napping once again.  He does pretty well at night ... on Monday night he fell out of his bed twice which was heartbreaking since I found him crying on the floor.  Since then we've added a huge folded blanket next to his bed as a landing spot.  He's chosen to fall asleep on the blanket instead of his bed the past couple of nights.  Whatever works!

I had hoped he would stay content in his crib forever, but alas our little baby wants to grow up faster than I wanted.  Here's to a better week of sleep ... for all of us.

Monday, August 25, 2014

My version of a shake out run

After 4 days straight of running and a Flywheel class on Sunday, my legs were feeling pretty tired this morning. So I decided to take it easy while on the outdoor track and alternated walking for 5 minutes with running for 5 minutes. I finished 5 miles in under 45 minutes and felt great.

It didn't hurt that the day was gorgeous with temperatures right around 70 degrees.

Looking forward to some more runs this week and a couple of Flywheel classes mixed in!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

My idea of spectating

This morning Ryan ran the Orthocarolina 10k ... I ran it back in 2012, days before breaking my wrist.

Naturally Mason and I tagged along to cheer Ryan on. Except I'm not one to just sit around and wait for the race to be over ... I took this morning as an opportunity to spectate while getting a few miles in of running.

After the start of the race, Mason and I jogged to Harris Teeter (right before mile 3) to catch Ryan run by and to use their bathroom. Potty training has been tricky but I always make an effort to find a bathroom the moment Mason says he has to go.

We saw Ryan run by and he looked strong. We cheered on some more runners then headed back to the race area to wait by the finish line.

We ran a total of 3 miles in 30 minutes then waited for Ryan to finish.

I had forgotten how hard it is to push the jogging stroller especially with an almost 40 pound toddler in there.

After the race Mason got a photo with the Charlotte Hounds mascot, Blue.

Ryan finished in under 50 minutes which was awesome since he's done zero training and traveled this week. Makes me wish I had a race on the books.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

running while on vacation

take me back to TYBEE ISLAND, GA!

last Thursday we returned from a 5 day trip to Tybee Island.  we rented a large house with some of my family and were just a short distance to the beach.  

usually Ryan and I do well with running while on vacation.  due to the heat and the time of day we had to squeeze our runs in (usually right before lunch) we only managed to run two times.

however that is probably two more times than most vacation goers like to run.  sure vacationing is a time to relax and unwind but I love keeping up with some sort of exercise routine while away from home.  especially when I know I tend to overeat junk food while on a trip.  

here are a few tips for making sure you get a run in while on a trip:

1) start early ... the earlier in the day you set aside for a run, the more likely you'll actually do it.  if you wait too long happy hour will inevitably get in the way
2) stay hydrated ... one of Ryan's complaints was not drinking enough water to combat the heat and humidity of running along the beach
3) don't stress out about distance or time ... one of our runs was only 2 miles, less than 20 minutes.  we didn't want to leave my parents overwhelmed with 3 kids under 3 so we rushed home as soon as we hit the 2 mile mark.  always remember a little bit is better than nothing.
4) reward yourself for getting out there and running ... one of our runs brought us to a pizza place at the end of 3 miles.  luckily they had refreshing beer on draft for a certain sweaty runner (Ryan)

I know the summer is winding down for some folks but keep these tips in mind the next time a vacation is planned.  always pack those running shoes ... you'll be glad you ran a few miles.

how close is too close?

when I lived in Florida there was a small window of time where I felt it was acceptable to run outdoors ... usually it was "too hot" or "too rainy."

aside from the random snow days, Charlotte has proved to be a city where I can run more often than not outdoors.  unless it's super hot and humid, in which case I move into the indoor track ... such as today.

I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but the treadmill and I had a falling out and I haven't been a fan of it in a long time.  when indoors I choose to run 12 laps to equal 1 mile while at Harris YMCA.

today I ran 48 laps and walked 3 laps, for a total of 4.25 miles.

the inner lane of the track is reserved for runners, while the outer lanes are used for walkers.  for the most part I hang out in the inner lane and move out of the way of faster runners if I either sense them coming or physically notice them approaching.  today I guess my sensing ability was off and I didn't notice a girl running by me.  she clipped my shoulder in an attempt to pass me ... 

now don't get me wrong, I usually am in the zone and hate to be slowed down by the occasional walker in my lane.  but I have NEVER purposely cut so close to someone where I actually touched them.  

she finished one more lap after that and then walked off.  glad her work out was short and sweet so I didn't have to worry about any more nudges.

also for the first time since I've been a gym goer I left my shirt somewhere at the YMCA.  I had brought a tshirt to change into after my run so I wouldn't be a huge sweaty mess at my friend Steph's house and somehow just left my sweaty running tank lying around.  fingers crossed someone turns it into lost and found.  seriously who does that?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Interesting combinations

Dark chocolate chili almond KIND bar = interesting combination

77 degrees and 80% humidity = terrible combination

The bar was delicious and eaten after I finished 5 sweaty miles around the outdoor track at the Harris YMCA. It's been super hot and muggy/humid lately and I have not been a fan of that combination.

I think tomorrow I'll return to the indoor track to do my run.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Running at the car wash

I'm pretty sure the song goes ... Working at the car wash but since I ran while there and didn't work, I figured my title was more accurate.

After 5 days of vacation (post to come) my body told me it was time to get back on track. I changed into running clothes before starting my errands hoping I could sneak in a couple of miles.

I dropped off our sandy/beach covered car at Autobell and did a quick 2 miles while waiting.

Next it's off to Whole Foods to restock on some healthy groceries.

It goes to show that you always have 20 minutes for a quick work out.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Changing up the usual 4

Today I was too lazy to make coffee. I figured a glass of orange juice along with breakfast would be enough fuel to get me going.

Sheesh what a difference caffeine makes. I barely dragged myself to the gym this morning and settled on 4 miles around the indoor track.

To break up the laps I ran 0.25 miles (3 laps) and then walked 1 lap.

I ran a total of 3 miles and walked 1 mile, under 40 minutes.

I listened to a new to me playlist from Amazon Prime, indie pop commute, and fell in love with the song "Wasting My Young Years" by London Grammar. Great song!

Time to head to Target and snag some much needed caffeine.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Parking lot woes

It's no secret that the Harris YMCA is one of the most popular and busiest gyms in Charlotte ... Which makes their parking lot a nightmare!

Between summer camps, awesome classes, and a general fitness craze throughout Charlotte, their parking lot can be hard to navigate.

If you're lucky you can snag a parking spot up front which makes entering with a wiggly toddler so much easier. Which is why when I saw a woman pointing at her car and signaling to me that she was leaving I was ecstatic. So I slowly started to back up to give her room to leave in her giant suburban.

Unfortunately the lady in the red Cadillac behind me had other plans and wouldn't budge. Normally gym goers are gracious and friendly and at least accommodating. Not this lady. After I got dangerously close to her car she moved an inch and the nice woman leaving was able to squeak by.

I parked and the rude red car lady shouted all sorts of things out her window at me. We entered almost at the same time (she had handicap parking right next to the building) and she continued to yell at me about holding up traffic. Poor Mason had no idea why this woman was yelling at me so I told her to have a good day and moved away.

I noticed she had a yoga mat with her so I hope for her sake she finds peace and calmness this morning.

I let off some steam around the outdoor track and finished 4 sweaty miles. It was exactly what I needed to clear my head.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday and sorry for my parking rant ... I just hate being yelled at by strangers :/

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Indoor track for the win

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a blast hanging out with some friends that were in town.

After squeezing in my first run in what seemed like forever on Saturday morning, we were ready to hang out and enjoy the rest of the day. We ended up on a rooftop bar with a large group of friends and enjoyed every minute. Mason did great and was quite the entertainer. He even shared his goldfish which was quite a symbol of his friendship.

I was back on the indoor track this morning for a slower 4.5 miles. I'm really trying to ease back into running after taking a week off from being sick and having a sore knee earlier in the month.

Hoping to get a run in outdoors this week but am enjoying having Mason in daycare at the YMCA.

Enjoy your day!

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

July running in review

July was a tough month for running.  I spent the first part of the month dealing with a hurt knee and the last week of the month having the worst cold ever.  My total mileage hasn't been so low since last December.

Things happen ... I adjust.  I am not a professional runner so having a few hiccups in my running didn't ruin my life.  Sure I was disappointed that I couldn't run more, but only because I enjoy it so much.  I'm looking forward to bringing the miles back in August.

65.33 total miles
total runs -19
average miles ran each time - 3.44 miles
fastest pace - 7/4 July 4th 4 Miler Spectacular 7:42 min/mi
slowest pace - 7/7 1 mile jog on treadmill 15:30 min/mi 
shortest run -  1 mile on 7/7
longest run - 6.25 miles on7/24
# of races -1