Thursday, July 17, 2014

Zack's Hamburgers

I can't even believe Zack's Hamburgers has a website, but I guess nowadays every place has one.  The place just seems so old school to believe in something like that.

On Tuesday afternoon I twisted Ryan's arm and dragged him over to this new to us spot for lunch.  For you Charlotte readers Zack's Hamburgers is located on the corner of Scaleybark and South Blvd.


Ryan ordered the Zack's special and I ordered a double cheeseburger with a side of onion rings:

After adding 2 sweet tea's and a tip, our meal was approximately $17.  Not too shabby for lunch.  

I was pleasantly surprised that my double cheeseburger automatically came without tomatoes ... I've always thought tomatoes did not belong on a burger.  The iceburg lettuce was a bit wilted and yellowed, but the special sauce (thousand island dressing) totally pushed it over the top in a good way.  

The restaurant has been serving Queen City residents hamburgers since 1975 which is super impressive to me.  

The burger and onion rings were tasty.  Dining at Zack's was definitely a step up from McDonald's but not a gourmet burger that you find at other restaurants I've reviewed.  It's a perfect option when you're looking to spend less than $10 on your meal and want something a little nicer than fast food.  There was a huge crowd when we left around noon which goes to show you how popular Zack's really is. 

Zack's is a place that I would stop by again for a quick and tasty meal ... you should too!

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