Thursday, July 17, 2014

Two times two

The past two mornings after Mason's drop off at camp, I've knocked out a quick 2 miles around the neighborhood.

Yesterday I was in a rush to finish my run so that I wouldn't be late to Y readers. It was week 4 of volunteering and I guess that meant my kids were comfortable enough with me to call me out on wearing the same shirt as I wore the week before.
"Do you wear that shirt everyday?"

Um no 6 year old I don't. But thanks for noticing.

This morning I wore a DIFFERENT shirt but only because I hadn't done laundry yet.

Both runs were done during a crisp 70 degree morning. It's crazy to me that I was able to enjoy such cool temperatures in the middle of July. I still managed to get super sweaty though.

Looking forward to higher mileage next week. I don't want to push my knee too hard too quick (pun intended) and ultimately injure myself again.

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