Sunday, July 6, 2014

The day before the race

This really should've been posted on Thursday but like usual life got me distracted.

The day before the July 4th 4 miler I headed to the YMCA for some slow miles on the treadmill.

Russ, the lovely older gentleman who works the front desk at the gym, saw the "10" on my shirt and announced that I was most certainly a 10 and must get that all of the time. Always a charmer that one.

I finished 3.5 miles while watching West Wing via amazon prime on my iPhone.

I kept up with racing tradition by eating a cheeseburger for dinner.
The family went to Bad Daddy's where I created my own beef burger ... Wheat bun, add bacon, add cheddar, pickles and onions, with a side of their garlic mayo. This burger didn't stand a chance and I finished it before Ryan finished his giant buffalo burger.

Race recap to come!

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