Monday, July 7, 2014

Mason play, mama run

When you ask Mason what we are going to do at "mama's gym" he's quick to answer that Mason play, mama run. Sadly that was not the case this morning.

I've had some serious right knee pain since Friday's race (recap still on the works).

I tried to walk a bit before jogging on the treadmill but after just a few seconds of jogging at 5.0 my knee told me to stop! Even walking the remainder of the mile may have been too harsh on my tender knee.

Oh and what is the protocol on getting on an empty treadmill with someone's stuff left behind?

I asked the person next to me if they knew who the person was but she didn't see anyone. So I did what anyone would do in a crowded gym ... I just used it myself. After 6 minutes the chick came back and said that was her stuff, maybe implying I should get off. I didn't. I just nodded and said cool. I guess she didn't like my response but last time I checked you can't just claim your spot during the busiest time at our gym. Good thing I go to the gym to work out and not make friends :)

Happy Monday! Hope everyone has a great week full of lots of running to make up for my lack of running.

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