Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June running in review

Happy July everyone!  Anyone else in denial that the year is already 1/2 over?  June running brought 1 race (Noda 5k) and 1 run in another state (this past weekend in Florida).

I ran a few miles more than May but did not hit 100 miles (not that I was actively trying to ... its really hard).


  84.16 total miles
total runs -18
average miles ran each time - 4.68 miles
fastest pace - 6/7 NoDa 5k 7:09 min/mi
slowest pace - 6/16 4.6 mile jog on treadmill 11:30 min/mi 
shortest run -  (tie) 3 miles on 6/9 and 6/15
longest run - 8.15 miles on 6/5
# of races -1
My average run was a little longer and faster in June than May.  My longest run was also 0.15 longer this past month.  Without anything really to train for on my schedule I doubt that I'll find the motivation to do a long run in July, especially with how hot it has been.  Mason only has preschool for 2 weeks in the month of July so my runs will probably be slower and shorter since I'll have to get them done on the treadmill while he is at the YMCA daycare.
Only one race so far for July, the July 4th 4 miler this Friday.  I'm looking forward to racing with Ryan and Mason.  Family running is always my favorite type of running :D 

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