Sunday, June 1, 2014

Xtend Barre has arrived!

I'm pretty slow when it comes to embracing new work-outs. I've passed on much of the Barre craze, and my only experience has been a few Flybarre classes.

I was excited to see that Xtend Barre was opening a studio in Charlotte, and was even MORE excited when they offered a variety of free classes during their opening week.

I quickly signed up for a Friday morning class and then jumped onto to find a pair of barre worthy socks.

The instructor (Rachel) was super nice and energetic.  We did a variety of arm, leg, and abdominal exercises during the fast paced 55 minute class.  My only complaint was the choice in music ... think 80's club music with Madonna.  

I loved being reminded of my ballet days and was thoroughly sore after class.  After using running almost solely as my exercise routine, it was strange to introduce a full body work out.  I definitely needed that change and am looking forward to incorporating a weekly barre class into my exercise routine.  

Go check out Xtend Barre if you are in the Charlotte area ... the studio is offering 7 classes for $77 until June 15th!

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