Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What I did on National Running Day

I probably could've run today ... Had I truly wanted to. Somehow I seem to get out of running on National Running Day every year. I ran yesterday and plan on running tomorrow. I just didn't want to participate today in all of the hoopla. I had much bigger plans.

My dad had installed beautiful {white} crown molding sometime last week in our master bedroom (along with every other upstairs room but the playroom). The problem was that the baseboards and doors in the rooms were all a lovely shade of yellow/beige.

So my parents and I spent hours painting everything white in the master bedroom, and even changing out the door knobs to match all of the newly replaced downstairs door knobs in an antique bronze color.

I'll take a huge upgrade to my bedroom over running any day. Plus I'll just add a mile or two onto my run tomorrow. No worries there :)

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