Thursday, June 5, 2014

To do: work on hydration

It's hot y'all. It's especially hot when running over 8 miles. Some of the greenways are shaded havens, other parts have absolutely no coverage.

I'm kind of glad you can't really notice how badly I was sweating in the above picture.

I really struggled during my run this morning and I think it was partially due to dehydration. I definitely got cold sweats during the last mile and that's usually a sign of being dehydrated.

For future summer runs I need to drink more water prior to heading out. I'm ashamed to admit that the only fluids I drank this morning pre-running was a cup of coffee and probably 4 ounces of orange juice. I had a sip of water right before starting my run but what was I thinking??

I should've:

1) drank at least 12 ounces of water in the hours leading up to my run
2) brought water with me during the run

Since finishing those 8.15 miles, I've drank almost 50 ounces of water.

Anyone out there run with a hydration camel pak? Or carry handheld water bottles? I didn't love my hydration belt and hate carrying a bottle in my hand.

Stay hydrated!

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