Sunday, June 1, 2014

May running in review

I wanted to run more miles in May than last month's 100 miles.  Then when I lost the motivation to run, I switched my goal to 80 miles.  Sadly after missing the small window of running time on Friday, I tried to squeeze in almost 9 miles on Saturday to make it to 80 miles before June 1st.  

Alas I finished the month of May with 79.25 total miles ran.  Close to 80, but not nearly close enough to 100 miles.  Oh well there is always June, although as temperatures creep into the high 90's I am finding it harder and harder to handle the hot, muggy summer runs. 

79.25 total miles
total runs -18
average miles ran each time - 4.4 miles
fastest pace - 5/3 Trysports Mayday 5k 7:10 min/mi
slowest pace - 5/15 4 mile jog on treadmill 11:37 min/mi 
shortest run -  1 mile on 5/4
longest run - 8 miles on 5/31
# of races - 2

June will bring the NoDa 5k on the 7th.  I'm truly scared of racing that day since it'll be an evening start time of 6pm.  Fortunately I'll have Mason and Ryan waiting at the finish line, along with some cold and refreshing beer from NoDa Brewing. 

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