Monday, June 23, 2014

Georges Brasserie Review

A couple of weeks ago Ryan and I ventured out on a Friday night for a "sans Mason" date night.  We had eaten at Georges Brasserie previously and loved it; so much so we decided to repeat the experience.  Instead of sitting at a table we chose the bar area thinking it would provide a more laid-back vibe.

I'm not sure if the bartenders were all having a bad day or if they couldn't handle the slight crowd, but we had to deal with 3 surly service people all night.  Not one of the bartenders acknowledged us when we sat and after 10 minutes of just sitting there unattended, I finally got their attention and ordered our drinks.  You can imagine ordering our meal also took a bit of time since Ryan and I seemed to be invisible that night.  

Now don't get me wrong ... when we first dined at Georges we sat at a table and had a very attentive server.  Hopefully other patrons at the bar had a better experience than we did.

But back to the food ... we started with 1/2 dozen oysters which were very fresh and delicious.  Ryan ordered the short rib and I ordered the burger with frites.  

caramelized onions, gruyere 16

My oh my.  The burger was AMAZING.  I never put it down once while eating and finished the burger way before Ryan finished his meal.  The french fries were perfectly cooked and my favorite style ... thin crispy shoestring potatoes.  The caramelized onions and gruyere cheese were a perfect combination and only enhanced the juicy burger's flavor.  The burger patty was seasoned well and tasted meaty in a good way.  No need for any additional condiments, although I did use the ketchup for my bucket of fries.  

At $16, this burger may seem costly but it is totally worth it!  I highly recommend ordering it the next time you're looking for an upscale burger experience.

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