Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Back to back greenway runs

The past two days have boasted runs along Charlotte's gorgeous greenways.

Yesterday's run started off with 20 minutes of walking while I caught up with my friend Katie on the phone. I finished 4.25 minutes in under 45 minutes then headed to Trader Joe's for groceries.

Today's run happened after dropping Mason off at his summer camp for June. It's near the McMullen Creek greenway so I managed to run 6 miles after drop off. It's quite a change from running around Queens University like I did during the regular school year.

Both greenways are a mix of boardwalk and pavement, but today's greenway had a bunch of gravel and rock patches too. It made it tricky to speed up too much, which was ok with me. Everything was so quiet and shaded until I ran into construction and had to take a detour through a neighborhood. Fortunately almost 4 miles of the run took place on the actual greenway and not along a street.

Looking forward to many more greenway runs this summer!

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