Thursday, June 26, 2014

My last greenway run?

At least for a while ... Today marks Mason's last day at his south Charlotte preschool. Although it took him some time to warm up to the new school, he ended up having a good 4 weeks. And I had a great time running along gorgeous greenways.

Today's run was a speedy 5 miles. I didn't take any water with me so by the end of the miles I was hot and thirsty. Not sure how many more "long runs" will take place this summer at 10am.

Now I'm enjoying some mom time at the pool. It's my last little break of non-Mason time until mid July when he starts 2 weeks at his old preschool.

Life isn't so bad. Enjoy your Thursday!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Georges Brasserie Review

A couple of weeks ago Ryan and I ventured out on a Friday night for a "sans Mason" date night.  We had eaten at Georges Brasserie previously and loved it; so much so we decided to repeat the experience.  Instead of sitting at a table we chose the bar area thinking it would provide a more laid-back vibe.

I'm not sure if the bartenders were all having a bad day or if they couldn't handle the slight crowd, but we had to deal with 3 surly service people all night.  Not one of the bartenders acknowledged us when we sat and after 10 minutes of just sitting there unattended, I finally got their attention and ordered our drinks.  You can imagine ordering our meal also took a bit of time since Ryan and I seemed to be invisible that night.  

Now don't get me wrong ... when we first dined at Georges we sat at a table and had a very attentive server.  Hopefully other patrons at the bar had a better experience than we did.

But back to the food ... we started with 1/2 dozen oysters which were very fresh and delicious.  Ryan ordered the short rib and I ordered the burger with frites.  

caramelized onions, gruyere 16

My oh my.  The burger was AMAZING.  I never put it down once while eating and finished the burger way before Ryan finished his meal.  The french fries were perfectly cooked and my favorite style ... thin crispy shoestring potatoes.  The caramelized onions and gruyere cheese were a perfect combination and only enhanced the juicy burger's flavor.  The burger patty was seasoned well and tasted meaty in a good way.  No need for any additional condiments, although I did use the ketchup for my bucket of fries.  

At $16, this burger may seem costly but it is totally worth it!  I highly recommend ordering it the next time you're looking for an upscale burger experience.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Deer sighting!

Today's run was magical. Ok maybe magical isn't the right word but it definitely stopped me in my tracks.

I was running along the 4 mile greenway in south Charlotte when I noticed a deer off to the side.

I saw his buddy nearby drinking some water from the stream. I couldn't believe they were so close to me that I actually stopped other runners to take a look. Sometimes it's ok to stop and look around during a run. I'm not officially training for anything so having a brief pause was ok.

After 25 minutes of running I started taking 1 minute walking breaks to drink some of the water I had with me. It was another hot day and I didn't want to dehydrate.

I was a sweaty mess but ran 6 miles in just over 50 minutes while taking 5 minutes worth of breaks.

Once I got showered up I decided to wear my new favorite shirt.

I'm a sucker for backless shirts so I couldn't pass this one up from Forever 21. And yes I still occasionally shop there ...

Today's question ... To run with or without water? I brought a small 8 ounce water bottle with me and drank every last drop. Hated carrying it for 6 miles but needed to hydrate.

Friday, June 13, 2014

father's day DIY project

I can't believe this will be our third Father's Day since Mason was born.  Please don't ask me what I got Ryan as a gift for the first 2 holidays ... I honestly can't remember.  There was probably something golf related and I know he played 18 holes one of the years.

Being a stay at home mom limits me on income ... I sell random things on eBay (don't judge) and make a few pennies that way.  I know the money Ryan makes is technically "Our" money, but I don't like asking Ryan for money for his own gift.  Mason can take care of that in the future when he starts forming sentences correctly.

In the meantime I spent a few (probably way too many) moments on Pinterest looking for a DIY father's day project I could whip up in a day.

I'm not sure if Ryan will read this post before Sunday (hi babe) and if he does, this will surely ruin the surprise ... but so will looking around our house since I have not wrapped the gift and it's basically sitting out.

Here are a few outtakes of Honey and Mason supposedly modeling for me ... the idea is to create a 3 photo collage with the letters "D" "A" "D".  

Mason and Honey were anything but cooperating.  The three that I chose are not posted (at least part of this is a surprise) and I can't wait for Ryan to see it.  I did get some slack from his friends about reusing an old frame I found in our attic.  The picture that I replaced was of Ryan and his buddies from a beach wedding 8 or 9 years ago.  They couldn't understand why we didn't have an 8x10 framed photo of the 3 of them hanging up in our home.  Strange, I know.  

I got the photo collage printed at Costco for $1.60; pretty inexpensive gift that will surely put a smile on dad's face!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Three days in a row

I woke up this morning and didn't feel like putting on running clothes like usual. After running for the past three days, I decided to take a day off from running.

On Monday I ran a slow 3 miles on the treadmill. Nothing really to report.

On Tuesday I ran a very hot and muggy 10k along the greenway.

On Wednesday I ran a quick(er) 4.15 miles along the same greenway. Don't worry it was still hot and I was super sweaty during and afterwards.

For those who have complimented me on my abs (thank you!!), I'm on day 12 of this 30 day abs challenge.

Looks like I get a day off from running AND abs today ... Score!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

NoDa 5k - race review

On Saturday June 7th I ran the 2nd annual NoDa 5k.
Race Website

The race started at 6pm and had over 800 finishers.  Ryan and Mason headed to the race with me, which was a nice change since the past couple of early morning races I've missed my cheerleaders. 

Each participant (that was 21 and older) received 2 free pints of beer after the race.  

I wasn't used to running in the evening, especially with how hot it has been in Charlotte.  I think race day temperatures were in the 90's with the sun still out during the race.  

I ran hard and encountered some hills that I assumed would be the end of me.  Somehow I managed to cross the finish line in 22:11 minutes, shaving 10 seconds off my previous PR.  

I placed in the top 5 females, and missed placing 1st in Females 30-34 by less than 4 seconds.  

The course wasn't too bad compared to other 5ks in Charlotte.  There were some hilly parts but you can't escape those in the Queen City.  Plus it was a nice change to run through the very artsy and eclectic neighborhood of NoDa.

Overall the race was a lot of fun and I'm stoked Mason and Ryan were there to see me win 2nd place in my age group.  Now to figure out a way to shave off 12 seconds so I can FINALLY run a sub 22 minute 5k!

Bib First Name Last Name Race Rank Gender Gen Rank Age Age Group AG Rank

CHIP Time Pace
280 MEGAN LORDI 43 F 1 26 25-29 1

20:36.44 6:38/mile
293 CHRISTIE MARTIN 45 F 2 36 35-39 1

20:43.69 6:41/mile
406 LAURA SCIEPKO 62 F 3 46 45-49 1

21:36.50 6:58/mile
469 ALYSON VAUGHAN 72 F 4 31 30-34 1

22:07.63 7:08/mile
63 JESSICA CHALMERS 73 F 5 32 30-34 2

22:11.03 7:09/mile

Friday, June 6, 2014

Celebrate National Donut Day

Although I'm taking the day off from running in anticipation of my 5k tomorrow evening, I will treat myself with a free donut from Dunkin Donuts.

Stop by your local Dunkin Donuts, purchase a beverage of your choice (mine will be a medium iced caramel coffee with skim milk), and grab a free donut!

And no this post was not sponsored ... I just really love DD coffee and their donuts.

Happy Friday everyone! Anyone doing a race this weekend? Good luck if you are!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

To do: work on hydration

It's hot y'all. It's especially hot when running over 8 miles. Some of the greenways are shaded havens, other parts have absolutely no coverage.

I'm kind of glad you can't really notice how badly I was sweating in the above picture.

I really struggled during my run this morning and I think it was partially due to dehydration. I definitely got cold sweats during the last mile and that's usually a sign of being dehydrated.

For future summer runs I need to drink more water prior to heading out. I'm ashamed to admit that the only fluids I drank this morning pre-running was a cup of coffee and probably 4 ounces of orange juice. I had a sip of water right before starting my run but what was I thinking??

I should've:

1) drank at least 12 ounces of water in the hours leading up to my run
2) brought water with me during the run

Since finishing those 8.15 miles, I've drank almost 50 ounces of water.

Anyone out there run with a hydration camel pak? Or carry handheld water bottles? I didn't love my hydration belt and hate carrying a bottle in my hand.

Stay hydrated!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What I did on National Running Day

I probably could've run today ... Had I truly wanted to. Somehow I seem to get out of running on National Running Day every year. I ran yesterday and plan on running tomorrow. I just didn't want to participate today in all of the hoopla. I had much bigger plans.

My dad had installed beautiful {white} crown molding sometime last week in our master bedroom (along with every other upstairs room but the playroom). The problem was that the baseboards and doors in the rooms were all a lovely shade of yellow/beige.

So my parents and I spent hours painting everything white in the master bedroom, and even changing out the door knobs to match all of the newly replaced downstairs door knobs in an antique bronze color.

I'll take a huge upgrade to my bedroom over running any day. Plus I'll just add a mile or two onto my run tomorrow. No worries there :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Back to back greenway runs

The past two days have boasted runs along Charlotte's gorgeous greenways.

Yesterday's run started off with 20 minutes of walking while I caught up with my friend Katie on the phone. I finished 4.25 minutes in under 45 minutes then headed to Trader Joe's for groceries.

Today's run happened after dropping Mason off at his summer camp for June. It's near the McMullen Creek greenway so I managed to run 6 miles after drop off. It's quite a change from running around Queens University like I did during the regular school year.

Both greenways are a mix of boardwalk and pavement, but today's greenway had a bunch of gravel and rock patches too. It made it tricky to speed up too much, which was ok with me. Everything was so quiet and shaded until I ran into construction and had to take a detour through a neighborhood. Fortunately almost 4 miles of the run took place on the actual greenway and not along a street.

Looking forward to many more greenway runs this summer!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Xtend Barre has arrived!

I'm pretty slow when it comes to embracing new work-outs. I've passed on much of the Barre craze, and my only experience has been a few Flybarre classes.

I was excited to see that Xtend Barre was opening a studio in Charlotte, and was even MORE excited when they offered a variety of free classes during their opening week.

I quickly signed up for a Friday morning class and then jumped onto to find a pair of barre worthy socks.

The instructor (Rachel) was super nice and energetic.  We did a variety of arm, leg, and abdominal exercises during the fast paced 55 minute class.  My only complaint was the choice in music ... think 80's club music with Madonna.  

I loved being reminded of my ballet days and was thoroughly sore after class.  After using running almost solely as my exercise routine, it was strange to introduce a full body work out.  I definitely needed that change and am looking forward to incorporating a weekly barre class into my exercise routine.  

Go check out Xtend Barre if you are in the Charlotte area ... the studio is offering 7 classes for $77 until June 15th!

May running in review

I wanted to run more miles in May than last month's 100 miles.  Then when I lost the motivation to run, I switched my goal to 80 miles.  Sadly after missing the small window of running time on Friday, I tried to squeeze in almost 9 miles on Saturday to make it to 80 miles before June 1st.  

Alas I finished the month of May with 79.25 total miles ran.  Close to 80, but not nearly close enough to 100 miles.  Oh well there is always June, although as temperatures creep into the high 90's I am finding it harder and harder to handle the hot, muggy summer runs. 

79.25 total miles
total runs -18
average miles ran each time - 4.4 miles
fastest pace - 5/3 Trysports Mayday 5k 7:10 min/mi
slowest pace - 5/15 4 mile jog on treadmill 11:37 min/mi 
shortest run -  1 mile on 5/4
longest run - 8 miles on 5/31
# of races - 2

June will bring the NoDa 5k on the 7th.  I'm truly scared of racing that day since it'll be an evening start time of 6pm.  Fortunately I'll have Mason and Ryan waiting at the finish line, along with some cold and refreshing beer from NoDa Brewing.