Sunday, May 18, 2014

Run Ballantyne 10k recap

On Saturday May 17th I ran the 10th anniversary Run! Ballantyne 10k/5k race.  It was my second year participating, although last year I only ran the 5k while pushing Mason.

Over 2,000 runners participated in the local YMCA race (both 5k and 10k), with over 600 10k finishers.

I left Ryan and Mason at home and left our house around 7am for the race.  By the time I parked I had less than 5 minutes to get to the start line.  It was a chilly morning in Charlotte (about 48 degrees) so I wore my hot pink Pro Compression socks, shorts, and a long sleeve Nike shirt.    

I started off too fast and finished mile 1 in 7:12 minutes.  I tried to slow down and get into a groove but was still too fast and finished mile 2 in 7:30 minutes.  

The 10k race is basically the same 5k course, ran twice.  It's not very exciting in the least bit.  It's a bit hilly with a noticeable incline between miles 2-3 (4-5).  I think it finally caught up to me by mile 3 where I finished with a pace of 7:51 minutes.  

I had gone into the race wanting to finish in 50 minutes.  The crowd support was great at the halfway mark and gave me a little boost.  I finished mile 4 in 7:41 minutes.  By this point I knew I could pump out 2.2 more miles and head home.  Mile 5 was done in 7:49 minute pace.  I finished the race with a nice kick at the end and had my 3rd fastest mile of the race, 7:42 minutes.

Official time was 47:44 minutes (garmin watch had 6.27 miles as distance ran)
The timing company, Jones Racing Company, had live results on their website and after looking myself up I saw I was 6th in my division.  I texted Ryan and let him know I wouldn't be staying for the awards ceremony and would head home.

I'm glad that I looked up the official results because I just noticed I placed 3rd!  I must add that the girls in my age group are damn fast. 
Place Bib Age Name City/State ChipTime Pace GunTime DQ
1. 622 31 Alyson Vaughan Charlotte NC 46:51 7:33 46:58
2. 46 32 Amanda Saari Charlotte NC 47:13 7:36 47:23
3. 334 32 Jessica Chalmers Charlotte NC 47:44 7:41 47:48   


  1. You are one speedy lady. Congrats. I have two questions for you. What is your favorite burger place in Charlotte? And ... Would you run this 10K again?

  2. thanks!

    I would probably NOT run this race again ... the 10k is boring since its just a double 5k course and the 5k feeds into the 10k after 20 (or 30) minutes so it gets pretty congested.

    favorite burger place would either be Bad Daddy's or Cowfish. the sides are better at Cowfish but it takes forever to get a table!