Sunday, May 18, 2014

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers review

I always thought Red Robin was a fast food restaurant ... maybe a step up from McDonald's on the 'fancy' scale.  I had no idea it was an actual sit-down restaurant until this past Friday night when we stopped by for my first ever experience.

It has been racing tradition to eat a cheeseburger the night before most of my runs.  I've found that I run my best races when I eat a cheeseburger and drink 1-2 beers (usually Michelob Ultra).  It's just science.  


I ordered the Red's Tavern Double,

Red's Tavern Double®

You’ll be tasting double with two classic-sized patties, melted American cheese, tomato, lettuce and Red’s Secret Tavern Sauce.™ $6.99

I customized mine by asking for no lettuce and tomato, add onions and pickles, and swapping out the Red's Secret Tavern Sauce for their new Roasted Garlic Mayo.  Instead of steak fries I opted for their sweet potato fries.

The burger was quite tasty.  Each patty was roughly 3 ounces so I didn't feel overly stuffed after eating it.  The sweet potato fries were way too salty ... as was Mason's grilled cheese.  Who puts salt on a child's grilled cheese sandwich?  I tried his steak fries and they were undercooked and bland tasting.  

After my sweet potato fries upcharge (1.49 extra) plus Ryan's $12 burger, I found myself thinking that this restaurant was more costly than our tastier local burger joints.  So I probably will not be heading back to Red Robin for a meal any time soon.  At least I tried it and don't have to wonder what the food is like.   

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