Thursday, May 8, 2014

A nice change of pace

I love me a good pun ... so today's title, "a nice change of pace," is actually two-fold. 

I ran this morning at a much slower pace than what I consider to be my latest normal and I was ok with that.  I woke up this morning with slight hip pain and didn't think I should've ran at all, but I'm stubborn and knew I would be taking Saturday and Sunday off and didn't want to miss out on the miles.

I started off with 1 minute of walking and told myself to keep it slow.  After 2 miles of running I promised myself I could walk during the 4th mile.  Of course that didn't end up happening and I ended up running all 4 miles.  

I was able to head home after some Starbucks and a couple of quick errands for a shower and a snack.  Then I headed back out for another errand before heading to Mason's school for pick-up.

It is crazy what wearing something other than gym clothes can do for your self esteem.  All of the moms at school noticed and said how nice I looked.  I guess I should try to shower before pick-up more often :)

Anyways since I never really post about what I'm wearing, I decided to do a quick description of today's super casual and comfy outfit since dressing "up" was also a nice change of pace for me.

  • black tank from Gap (similar to this)
  • black and white stripe skirt from H&M

  • new black patent Tory Burch flip flops (love that these have the silver logo)
  • also worn (but not in picture) black Nixon small time teller watch

Wearing a cotton skirt and a simple black tank is such a step up from the usual running apparel.  It was nice to get out of my comfort zone and look presentable for once. 

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