Friday, April 4, 2014

Twenty four months

I want to say this is the last Mason update for a while ... I want to say that the monthly reviews on how my little man is doing will stop completely.  For now I can honestly say I won't be posting another Mason update in the next month.  I loved chronicling every month of his life for the past 2 years ... but honestly there haven't been many groundbreaking changes lately that are worth mentioning.  I rather save any future Mason posts for the really really exciting stuff ... like potty training (ooooooh) and sleeping in a big boy bed (aaaaaaah).


This past weekend Mason turned TWO!  We celebrated 3 different times for his birthday (probably a little much on my part but what can I say I love that kid).  On Thursday we took cupcakes to Mason's school and celebrated with his class.  On Saturday we went to Discovery Place and explored the museum, followed by some delicious Midwood BBQ lunch.

And the biggest celebration was Sunday at his party at the Little Gym.  Mason must've been so excited about partying with his friends that he skipped napping.  Thankfully he pulled it together and was an absolute blast during his party.  He definitely crashed hard that night and tried to sleep in on Monday morning.  I felt bad about waking him up, but we had his 2 year check up at the doctor's.

  • 35.25 inches tall
  • weighs 32 pounds
  • has switched to drinking unsweetened almond milk instead of cow's milk
  • skips naps every couple of days
  • falls asleep around 8pm - wakes up around 6:45am
  • loves playing outside in the grass
  • lots of new words lately
  • silly toddler tantrums over the most insignificant things
  • can go up and down the stairs with minimal supervision (huge for us since he's so clumsy)
  • blames all of his booboos on Honey (poor dog)
  • still obsessed with Elmo

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