Wednesday, March 19, 2014

trying to find motivation

after the half marathon on March 8th, I've found myself with a nagging, lingering knee pain.  the pain will go away after some rest (and some days off from running), but returns after running consistently for a couple of days.

for example ... last thursday I ran 6.3 miles split up between the treadmill and outdoors.  I gave myself 4 days off and returned to the treadmill for 2 miles yesterday.  no knee pain led me to run again on the treadmill today.  except this time my knee started hurting around the 25 minute mark.

sigh.  the Charlotte 10 miler has been rescheduled for sunday March 23rd and I am far from ready.  let's say I finish the race and don't completely fall apart, nor begin to hate running.  these are the races I would like to run during the next couple of months:

Know Your Craft 5k (4/5)
Charlotte Racefest 10k (4/12)
CPCC Skyline 5k (4/26)
TrySports May Day 5k (5/3)
NoDa 5k (6/7) 

to race or not to race?  let's hope signing up for a few gives me the push I need to keep the running going.

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