Monday, March 3, 2014

Hilly is an understatement

Greetings from the sky! Ryan and I are flying home after a fantastic visit to San Francisco. Even with all of the drinking and eating we did, we still found time to do some running in the city.

We left our hotel early Saturday morning and headed down Mason Street towards the water. I picked the street because it reminded me of our little monster but boy was that a bad decision.

Mason Street may very well be the most hilly street in San Francisco. I wish I was exaggerating. We walked the entire time and were super out of breath after the one mile warm up.

Once I started tracking our running I found that we would be stopping quite a bit to walk as well.

We completed 5.6 miles in just under an hour. Not bad for all of our stops.

I loved running around the city since it gave us the best and fastest way to sightsee.

My legs are still feeling sore from Saturday since after our run we headed back to the hotel for a quick minute, and then went right back to the Wharf area. We ended up walking a few miles before going back to the hotel to get ready for a wedding.

Lots of time on our feet but it was totally worth it!

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