Sunday, February 9, 2014

some wrong choices

the weather was perfect again today for my long run.  it was sunny, slightly breezy, with temperatures around 60 degrees.  the only problem was that I ate a huge cheeseburger from Burger 21 about 2 hours before my run. not exactly the best pre-run fuel.  definitely better post-run. 

other problems included:
  • carrying 1/2 full 16.9 water bottle (I never carry water with me)
  • bringing a gel that was basically unopenable during run (had to rely on gummi bears for fuel)
  • wearing a short sleeve tech shirt instead of a tank top (part of my route was in direct sunlight for multiple miles and I got hot)

mentally it was a tough run.  I wasn't really excited to run 12 miles and had been dreading it all weekend.  I finally made myself get outside while Mason napped.  I wanted to run in under 2 hours and was giving myself plenty of cushion to take longer than needed.  

mile 1  8:20
mile 2  8:20
mile 3  8:24
mile 4  8:34
mile 5  8:33
mile 6  8:19
mile 7  8:40
mile 8  8:50
mile 9   8:31
mile 10  8:49
mile 11  9:25 (walked for 2 minutes at 1:28:00)
mile 12  8:55
12.25 miles in 1 hour 46 minutes

one of the highlights of the run was a new route I had created.  the first and last 2.75 miles were the same as my usual 10 mile route, but the core of the run was in a "new to me" area of South Charlotte.  having a change of scenery helped break up the monotony of such a long run.

with a month until the half marathon, I'm not really sure how much higher in mileage I'll run.  thoughts of running a 15 miler danced around my head but that may have been the result of dehydration induced delusions.  


  1. Amazing times. My half is in March in Wrightsville with my daughter. I am not running the Charlotte. Thanks for the review.

    1. good luck with your half! hope your training is going well!