Thursday, February 20, 2014

my last 3 runs

I'm actually really pumped about the Charlotte 10 miler on Saturday.  Let's hope all of this giddy excitement doesn't jinx me come race day.
(picture from website)

This week the weather in Charlotte has been a vast improvement from the snowy days of last week.  The past 3 days I was able to do a variety of runs in preparation for Saturday.

On Tuesday I ran a speedy 2 miles around my neighborhood while Mason napped.  
2 miles - 14:53 minutes (1st mile 7:56, 2nd mile 6:54)

Then I took him on a walk/jog, along with Honey on the leash, after he woke up.  We finished a slow mile but at least my total for the day hit 3.  It's rough (ruff haha) taking Honey for a jog since she is so lazy. 
1.05 mile - 15:00 minutes

Yesterday I had wanted to run outside but was not feeling pushing the jogging stroller.  So to the gym we went where I ran on the treadmill while watching Season 2 of West Wing (yes that show is over 10 years old).
3.20 miles - 33:39 minutes 

Today I couldn't wait to run outdoors while wearing SHORTS!  Yes things like this get me very excited.  After dropping Mason off at school I ran around that neighborhood and completed a little over 4 miles.
4.25 miles - 35:00 minutes

I feel strong ... I feel ready ... I feel excited.  I would love to do better on this year's 10 miler than last year (my time was 1 hour 28 minutes).

Plus the 10 miler is a perfect training run before the half marathon on March 8th (which I still have to sign up for ...)


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