Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's not overrated to me

This year Valentine's Day came and went without much fuss.  I wanted fuss though ... I LOVE fuss, especially when associated with a holiday.  Although some people voiced their opinions to me that the holiday was "overrated" and that they "celebrate it everyday" I have a different opinion (don't I always?).

This is just my 2 cents, my opinion, and obviously should be taken with a grain of salt.

When you're married, and have a young child, and have a husband who travels a lot for work, you tend to get fixated on certain dates or holidays.  These events become something to look forward to, a reason to wear something other than running tights, a chance to truly spend time with your significant other without an almost 2 year old interrupting every conversation.  

It's a chance to be who you were 5 years ago, to really be yourself, without having to worry about anyone else.  Valentine's Day was supposed to be a chance for Ryan and I to go out and have a nice (quick) dinner while Mason was cared for at the Harris YMCA "parents night out" childcare program.  We were looking forward to dropping him off at 6pm for a nice pizza dinner and a chance for trained professionals to care for him while we ate a quick meal to celebrate the "overrated" holiday.  

Then we got snow.  A lot of it.  And the city of Charlotte shut down for days.  Schools, gyms, roads, you name it, were all closed for days.  And finally on Friday, Valentine's Day, when the weather started to improve and the snow began to melt, we thought we would have our chance to celebrate Valentine's Day as planned.

Nope.  Although the gym was open (see below for my run), the "parents night out" program had been canceled.  

I wore a festive purple Jason Mraz concert t-shirt to the gym in honor of the "overrated" holiday and split my run up between the treadmill and the indoor track.

Instead of going out to our adult only dinner, we spent the evening with our little Monster eating a delicious steak with a side of lobster and baked potato, all of which I had bought from Whole Foods after my gym adventure.

So the holiday was not wasted, not at all.  I still spent a great day with my two valentines ... I just really wanted some time away with Ryan.  That's all.

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