Tuesday, February 18, 2014

have to versus get to

Today I took my second yoga class of the week.  I've really been digging the 9:30am yoga classes on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Harris YMCA.

It's a nice change from running and pretending to lift weights and gives me a chance to stretch out my (usually) sore legs.

Greg teaches the Tuesday morning classes and I have loved his messages the past 2 times I've taken his class.  I'm not a regular church goer and find my meditation time during long runs and yoga practice.  Today he mentioned the difference between "have to" and "get to."  Too often we say that we "have to go to the grocery store" or "have to run to the bank" but instead of looking at those tasks as chores, we should change our attitudes to saying we "get to" run those errands.

We should feel fortunate for the opportunity to have money and the ability to go grocery shopping and not have to rely on ourselves to raise livestock or grow vegetables.

We should definitely feel fortunate to have money to take TO a bank and to even need the services of a bank.  Heck if I didn't get to go to the bank every once in a while I would totally be bummed!

I often look at simple things as tasks and end up dreading doing so many things that I should really be thankful for.  I told Ryan yesterday ... I HAVE TO go to the mall.  Um last time I checked going to the mall is awesome and usually means I am buying something for Mason or myself (we're spoiled like that :)

Like today ... if Mason ever falls asleep for his nap I GET TO go on a run (although I feel that I have to run today based on my training for the half marathon on March 8th).  

I hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday and have found some time to carve away for themselves.  I know my 1 hour in yoga practice this morning was ME time and has helped lead my day positively.  

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