Friday, February 28, 2014

February running in review

I'm pretty excited that this is my first post written while flying.  I'm lucky that Ryan lent me his iPad (complete with inflight internet) to use during our 4 hour flight to Salt Lake City where we will connect to our flight to San Francisco. 

February was a sad running month, only because my big 10 mile race was postponed due to flooding along the race route. Lame. Plus we had some snow mid month that forced us to stay indoors and off roadways. And then there's the whole shorter month thing that February has going for it.  

Regardless I managed to run over 80 miles!

85.3 total miles
total runs - 17
average miles ran each time - 5.02
fastest pace - 2/18/14 2 mile run around neighborhood 7:26 min/mi
slowest pace - 2/18/14 1.05 mile walk/jog around neighborhood 14:17 min/mi 
(this was with Honey on the leash and Mason in the jogging stroller)
shortest run -  1.05 miles on 2/18/14
longest run -  12.25 miles on 2/9/14
# of races - ZERO

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