Sunday, February 9, 2014

Burger 21 review

today we had lunch at Burger 21 down in South Charlotte.  it was our second time eating at the restaurant.

from the website:

So how did Burger 21 come to be?

In November 2009, the owners of The Melting Pot Restaurants had a vision to create a modern fast-casual burger restaurant that offered a unique variety of high-quality food in a hip environment with lasting appetite appeal to people of all ages. After all, burgers are and will always be an American passion.

I ordered the "cheesy burger" no tomatoes and split a large order of fries with Ryan. The burger itself is $6.49 but once you add fries, $2.99, and a drink, $2.19, you're looking at spending a pretty penny on a fast casual meal.

The burger itself is just too greasy. It's described as "juicy" but I'm pretty sure it's just grease. And the fries need more seasoning.

Burger 21 is set apart by the fact they have a sauce bar with over 10 different dipping sauces for your fries or chicken tenders. They also carry milkshakes which we have yet to try.

I love a good burger but sadly this is not the place for me.  

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