Friday, February 28, 2014

I get bored easily

I don't think I was meant to be a jet setter. I'm on flight number 2 of the day and am already so bored.

My friend Brandon told me I should use the opportunity to relax since he knows Mason is safely tucked away in Charlotte, but has he forgotten I lack the ability to relax? To just shut it all down and decompress? Sigh.

I expressed my thanks for Ryan's internet connection during flight number one ... Now I will say I am thankful for Delta drink tickets. Cheers. Here's hoping y'all are enjoying your Friday, whether on land, air, or sea.

February running in review

I'm pretty excited that this is my first post written while flying.  I'm lucky that Ryan lent me his iPad (complete with inflight internet) to use during our 4 hour flight to Salt Lake City where we will connect to our flight to San Francisco. 

February was a sad running month, only because my big 10 mile race was postponed due to flooding along the race route. Lame. Plus we had some snow mid month that forced us to stay indoors and off roadways. And then there's the whole shorter month thing that February has going for it.  

Regardless I managed to run over 80 miles!

85.3 total miles
total runs - 17
average miles ran each time - 5.02
fastest pace - 2/18/14 2 mile run around neighborhood 7:26 min/mi
slowest pace - 2/18/14 1.05 mile walk/jog around neighborhood 14:17 min/mi 
(this was with Honey on the leash and Mason in the jogging stroller)
shortest run -  1.05 miles on 2/18/14
longest run -  12.25 miles on 2/9/14
# of races - ZERO

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is $20 reasonable?

I braved the cold(ish) temps and ran a 5 miler this morning after dropping Mason off at school.

While running a few errands I stopped by Luna's Living Kitchen to grab a smoothie.

$20 later I walked out with a smoothie and juice.

The smoothie was the Charlie Brown (add spinach). It totally tasted like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It had apple juice, mixed berries, peanut butter, peanuts and that addition of spinach.

The organic cold pressed juice is the Power Cleanser - carrot, cucumber, beet, and celery.

I haven't tried the juice yet but I'm hoping it gives me a surge of energy or at least tastes somewhat delicious.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Easy miles when you're not 100%

I woke up this morning with some serious stomach problems. Let's just leave it at that. I didn't feel like eating much and made myself eat a bowl of cereal. I didn't even want to drink coffee, which says a lot since I usually drink 16-20 ounces of the stuff daily.

So when it came time to head to the gym this morning I really wasn't feeling it. I did want to give Mason the chance to play so off we went to the YMCA. We even scored a close parking spot which never happens.

After checking him into childcare I headed to the treadmill. I figured I would walk/jog while watching West Wing on my phone.

Pretty slow pace but it was just what I needed. An easy walk 2 minutes, jog 3 minutes, was a good amount of exertion.

And I even felt well enough to grab coffee on the way home!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

my last 3 runs

I'm actually really pumped about the Charlotte 10 miler on Saturday.  Let's hope all of this giddy excitement doesn't jinx me come race day.
(picture from website)

This week the weather in Charlotte has been a vast improvement from the snowy days of last week.  The past 3 days I was able to do a variety of runs in preparation for Saturday.

On Tuesday I ran a speedy 2 miles around my neighborhood while Mason napped.  
2 miles - 14:53 minutes (1st mile 7:56, 2nd mile 6:54)

Then I took him on a walk/jog, along with Honey on the leash, after he woke up.  We finished a slow mile but at least my total for the day hit 3.  It's rough (ruff haha) taking Honey for a jog since she is so lazy. 
1.05 mile - 15:00 minutes

Yesterday I had wanted to run outside but was not feeling pushing the jogging stroller.  So to the gym we went where I ran on the treadmill while watching Season 2 of West Wing (yes that show is over 10 years old).
3.20 miles - 33:39 minutes 

Today I couldn't wait to run outdoors while wearing SHORTS!  Yes things like this get me very excited.  After dropping Mason off at school I ran around that neighborhood and completed a little over 4 miles.
4.25 miles - 35:00 minutes

I feel strong ... I feel ready ... I feel excited.  I would love to do better on this year's 10 miler than last year (my time was 1 hour 28 minutes).

Plus the 10 miler is a perfect training run before the half marathon on March 8th (which I still have to sign up for ...)


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

have to versus get to

Today I took my second yoga class of the week.  I've really been digging the 9:30am yoga classes on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Harris YMCA.

It's a nice change from running and pretending to lift weights and gives me a chance to stretch out my (usually) sore legs.

Greg teaches the Tuesday morning classes and I have loved his messages the past 2 times I've taken his class.  I'm not a regular church goer and find my meditation time during long runs and yoga practice.  Today he mentioned the difference between "have to" and "get to."  Too often we say that we "have to go to the grocery store" or "have to run to the bank" but instead of looking at those tasks as chores, we should change our attitudes to saying we "get to" run those errands.

We should feel fortunate for the opportunity to have money and the ability to go grocery shopping and not have to rely on ourselves to raise livestock or grow vegetables.

We should definitely feel fortunate to have money to take TO a bank and to even need the services of a bank.  Heck if I didn't get to go to the bank every once in a while I would totally be bummed!

I often look at simple things as tasks and end up dreading doing so many things that I should really be thankful for.  I told Ryan yesterday ... I HAVE TO go to the mall.  Um last time I checked going to the mall is awesome and usually means I am buying something for Mason or myself (we're spoiled like that :)

Like today ... if Mason ever falls asleep for his nap I GET TO go on a run (although I feel that I have to run today based on my training for the half marathon on March 8th).  

I hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday and have found some time to carve away for themselves.  I know my 1 hour in yoga practice this morning was ME time and has helped lead my day positively.  

Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's not overrated to me

This year Valentine's Day came and went without much fuss.  I wanted fuss though ... I LOVE fuss, especially when associated with a holiday.  Although some people voiced their opinions to me that the holiday was "overrated" and that they "celebrate it everyday" I have a different opinion (don't I always?).

This is just my 2 cents, my opinion, and obviously should be taken with a grain of salt.

When you're married, and have a young child, and have a husband who travels a lot for work, you tend to get fixated on certain dates or holidays.  These events become something to look forward to, a reason to wear something other than running tights, a chance to truly spend time with your significant other without an almost 2 year old interrupting every conversation.  

It's a chance to be who you were 5 years ago, to really be yourself, without having to worry about anyone else.  Valentine's Day was supposed to be a chance for Ryan and I to go out and have a nice (quick) dinner while Mason was cared for at the Harris YMCA "parents night out" childcare program.  We were looking forward to dropping him off at 6pm for a nice pizza dinner and a chance for trained professionals to care for him while we ate a quick meal to celebrate the "overrated" holiday.  

Then we got snow.  A lot of it.  And the city of Charlotte shut down for days.  Schools, gyms, roads, you name it, were all closed for days.  And finally on Friday, Valentine's Day, when the weather started to improve and the snow began to melt, we thought we would have our chance to celebrate Valentine's Day as planned.

Nope.  Although the gym was open (see below for my run), the "parents night out" program had been canceled.  

I wore a festive purple Jason Mraz concert t-shirt to the gym in honor of the "overrated" holiday and split my run up between the treadmill and the indoor track.

Instead of going out to our adult only dinner, we spent the evening with our little Monster eating a delicious steak with a side of lobster and baked potato, all of which I had bought from Whole Foods after my gym adventure.

So the holiday was not wasted, not at all.  I still spent a great day with my two valentines ... I just really wanted some time away with Ryan.  That's all.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

30 is the Magic number

Going on day 2 of being snowed in and my work outs have been lacking. I haven't run since Tuesday morning and it's so snowy and icy outside that running is out of the question. The gym has been closed since Tuesday evening and roads aren't drive-able anyways.

So I turned to the number 30 for assistance ... Funny that it's 30 degrees outside while I did my work out in Mason's room.

30 second wall sit x 3
30 sit-ups x 3

10 lunges each side x 3
30 second planks x 3

10 girl push-ups x 3
10 squats x 3

30 jumping jacks

I definitely worked up a sweat and shed some layers. Part of my work out was fending off Mason who thought sit ups were hysterical.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

some wrong choices

the weather was perfect again today for my long run.  it was sunny, slightly breezy, with temperatures around 60 degrees.  the only problem was that I ate a huge cheeseburger from Burger 21 about 2 hours before my run. not exactly the best pre-run fuel.  definitely better post-run. 

other problems included:
  • carrying 1/2 full 16.9 water bottle (I never carry water with me)
  • bringing a gel that was basically unopenable during run (had to rely on gummi bears for fuel)
  • wearing a short sleeve tech shirt instead of a tank top (part of my route was in direct sunlight for multiple miles and I got hot)

mentally it was a tough run.  I wasn't really excited to run 12 miles and had been dreading it all weekend.  I finally made myself get outside while Mason napped.  I wanted to run in under 2 hours and was giving myself plenty of cushion to take longer than needed.  

mile 1  8:20
mile 2  8:20
mile 3  8:24
mile 4  8:34
mile 5  8:33
mile 6  8:19
mile 7  8:40
mile 8  8:50
mile 9   8:31
mile 10  8:49
mile 11  9:25 (walked for 2 minutes at 1:28:00)
mile 12  8:55
12.25 miles in 1 hour 46 minutes

one of the highlights of the run was a new route I had created.  the first and last 2.75 miles were the same as my usual 10 mile route, but the core of the run was in a "new to me" area of South Charlotte.  having a change of scenery helped break up the monotony of such a long run.

with a month until the half marathon, I'm not really sure how much higher in mileage I'll run.  thoughts of running a 15 miler danced around my head but that may have been the result of dehydration induced delusions.  

Burger 21 review

today we had lunch at Burger 21 down in South Charlotte.  it was our second time eating at the restaurant.

from the website:

So how did Burger 21 come to be?

In November 2009, the owners of The Melting Pot Restaurants had a vision to create a modern fast-casual burger restaurant that offered a unique variety of high-quality food in a hip environment with lasting appetite appeal to people of all ages. After all, burgers are and will always be an American passion.

I ordered the "cheesy burger" no tomatoes and split a large order of fries with Ryan. The burger itself is $6.49 but once you add fries, $2.99, and a drink, $2.19, you're looking at spending a pretty penny on a fast casual meal.

The burger itself is just too greasy. It's described as "juicy" but I'm pretty sure it's just grease. And the fries need more seasoning.

Burger 21 is set apart by the fact they have a sauce bar with over 10 different dipping sauces for your fries or chicken tenders. They also carry milkshakes which we have yet to try.

I love a good burger but sadly this is not the place for me.  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Have fun!

Oh Harris YMCA why are you such a hotspot every day? This morning was probably the busiest I've seen it. We circled the parking lot for a while before finding a parking spot super far away.

Thankfully childcare drop off was a breeze. Once in the gym I noticed all of the treadmills were taken but a guy had already been on it for 35 minutes. I guess he noticed me loitering and said he would be done in two minutes.

After he jumped off he told me to "have fun" and walked away. Thanks buddy last time I checked the treadmill is anything but fun.

I finished 2 miles in under 22 minutes which seems to be speedy for my treadmill runs lately.

Then I headed to the indoor track where I ran another 2 miles in under 16 minutes.

Time to run some errands and continue to have fun!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

loving the 60's

I'm so glad that I made the decision today to listen to channel 6 on my XM radio ... it's the 1960's station playing all sorts of music from that time period.  I am such a sucker for songs by Otis Redding, the Rolling Stones, and Herman's Hermits.

I had a couple of laughs listening to the corny radio DJ, especially after her talked about the episode from The Family Guy about the bird is the word.
Then I proceeded to text Ryan and my friend Alex ... "hey have you heard?"  and of course both knew exactly what I was talking about.  

anyways ... glad Mason and I made it to the gym yesterday (he woke up at 4:45pm).  I ran 1 mile on the treadmill and 2 around the indoor track.  Then today I ran/walked 5 miles on the treadmill.  I even worked out biceps and back since I figured "why not?"  

Looking forward to running tomorrow at the gym in the morning.  Not sure if I'll stick to the treadmill, the indoor track, or do a little mixture of both.  Variety is the spice of life, or something.

And lastly ... for those of you who want to help a lame mama runner blogger out, please vote for me to win a trip to Napa to run the Zooma Women's Race series.  It would be totally groovy.  Peace.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Sigh. It's been a few days since my last run and I had every intention of running today at the gym. I'm even sitting here in my running clothes. Too bad Mason had other plans ...

He took FOREVER to fall asleep for naptime (a positive is that he did fall asleep). I even had to get him a snack an hour into him being inside his crib.

Now it's almost 4:30 and although that seems early to some, he would have to wake up in the next few minutes, get a diaper change, get some milk and then we would head out to the gym. Then we would park and head inside, check in at childcare, and THEN I could finally run. By that time it would probably be 5 or later which means a rush to get home in time to make dinner by 6.

Yikes that's exhausting.

Options are heading to the gym after he goes to bed or running a million miles tomorrow.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Taking advantage of the weather

After days (weeks ... months) of winter weather it was nice to head outside to enjoy the 60 degree weather. I'm glad that the running gods have been giving me one nice day a week to get my long run done.

mile 1 - 8:21
mile 2 - 8:07
mile 3 - 8:12
mile 4 - 8:18
mile 5 - 8:25
mile 6 - 8:07
mile 7 - 8:06
mile 8 - 8:12
mile 9 - 8:27
mile 10 - 8:13

10.05 miles - 1:22:55 minutes  (8:15 min/mile pace)

  • number of times I saw roadkill - 4
  • number of times I passed a fellow runner - 1
  • number of bugs that flew into my eye - 1
  • number of times a car almost hit me - 3
  • number of gummy bears I ate as fuel - at least 10
  • number of pigs in a blanket I will eat during the Super Bowl Party - 1 million