Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Twenty two months

Nap Mason Nap so I can hurry and finish your 22 month update.  

I can't believe that in 2 short months my little baby is going to be TWO YEARS OLD!  Yikes.  It almost makes me think that I have a handle on this whole motherhood business.  ALMOST.

Today we are stuck indoors due to some snowfall yesterday.  Sigh.  It's days like this that I wish I was more entertaining, or better yet, that my son had a longer attention span.

All morning long he asked for ELMO on the television ... and all morning long I said not right now.  Finally I caved right after lunch as a pre-nap treat.  He watched a few youtube videos; wheels on the bus, 5 little monkeys, and a couple Elmo songs.  Finally I said it was time for a nap and his world fell apart.  I carried him kicking and screaming into his room and then he stopped crying when he saw his rocking chair.  He can climb onto the huge rocking chair in his room and demands to "rock" by himself or with Honey alongside him.

Oh Mason what a handful you've become ... you are so charming at times but so demanding at others (hmm sounds like your mom).  You've been trying to say more words lately which is awesome since it makes it way easier to know what you need/want/don't want.  

new words include:
  • deer - after seeing a family of four wander around our neighborhood Monday night
  • nana - which is what Ryan's mom is called among the grandchildren
  • agua - Spanish for water
  • ice - needs to have ice in his agua
  • help - I told him to use this when he needed something from mama
  • he's still calling everyone Bobby which is quite comical and annoying all at the same time
everyday likes and dislikes:
  • He's been better at sitting still long enough to paint and color with crayons.  
  • He still loves to read books and could read 20-30 a night before bed and STILL want more.  
  • He loves going to school and seeing his friends.  I love the other kids and moms and am looking forward to a birthday party this friday afternoon for one of the little girls
  • He's been fighting nap time almost daily and we have gotten into a pattern of going to bed later.  it's been helping and he's been taking almost a daily nap since we switched to 1:30pm instead of 12:30pm.
  • eating vegetables is a struggle ... some days he'll eat cold cooked sweet potato cubes right out of the fridge, and other times he won't even touch the stuff.  he tried edamame and loved it.  he loves dipping his cheese quesadilla into "dip" (guacamole).  he ate a few spinach muffins that I baked with pureed spinach and could almost say "muffin".  
  • he {thankfully} loves wearing his hat when its cold outside
  • he loves going to daycare at the YMCA which has been a great break for me

Size wise I think the kid gets bigger every day.  He stepped on our bathroom scale and weighed around 31.5 pounds.  He's been wearing size 2 in his clothes for awhile now and I have even begun to buy size 3.   
He's really into Legos and puzzles which are a nice quiet activity :)

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