Thursday, January 2, 2014

Twenty one months

tsk tsk I'm 4 days late with the latest Mason update.  once he reaches 24 months (2 years) I won't be documenting every month of his life ... I'll take a step back and only update once major milestones come our way.  

with that said, onto a fun month in Mason's life: 
  • he went to 2 zoos (Sanford and Tampa both in Florida)
  • went to his first beach (St. Petersburg in Florida)
  • met and re-met tons of family during an early Christmas celebration
  • had breakfast with a group of my best girlfriends from college and their kids
  • enjoyed a quiet Christmas in Charlotte with mom, dad, and Honey
  • traveled to Beech Mountain for a quick getaway

Whoa photo overload I know!  Just couldn't help myself.  These all represent the fun and excitement my little buddy had in December.   

  • the last of his incisors have come through ... just waiting on his last set of molars
  • skipping naps once in a while ... such a champ during our recent car rides and has been able to nap in his car seat
  • pushed bedtime to close to 8pm some nights.  still staying in crib until close to 7:15 in the morning
  • loving milk (calls it meep).  down to 1% and trying to limit it to only once a day
  • lots of new words with way more effort on repeating words Ryan and I say.  he's finally saying YES! instead of just OH BOY as an affirmation
  • struggling with veggies but will still eat frozen peas, sweet potatoes, and the occasional raw carrot stick
  • on a recent red meat boycott, which is fine since we don't eat it all that often
things on the horizon that we've begun to think about ... potty training and switching to a toddler bed.  I really hope both are not going to happen any time soon :/ although Mason will let us know (most of the time) when he's done a poopie, he still is not letting us know about peepie.  the switching over to the toddler bed will happen once we see he can climb out.  for now I'll keep him caged up :)  

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