Monday, January 13, 2014

Toddler nap wars

I had every intention of running 6-7 miles today. I took a great yoga class at the Harris YMCA this morning knowing I would be able to run during Mason's nap since Ryan was thankfully working from home and could handle the baby monitor for an hour.

The minutes ticked by and Mason continued to party in his crib. After 30 minutes we went in there and saw Mason had pooped. No wonder he couldn't fall asleep. So after a clean diaper he went back into his crib.

Another 30 minutes and still no sleep. So I took him out of the crib and told him he was going running with me. It's been months since I've pushed the jogging stroller so I was definitely struggling.

I ran 0.75 miles then walked for 0.25 miles. Then I ran for 1.75 miles and walked for another 0.25. Then I ran the last mile home and saw I missed a call from my mom. We walked the last 0.25 mile and chatted with abuela bringing our total for today up to 4.25. Not too shabby considering I hadn't pushed the BOB in forever.

Hopefully my longish run will finally happen tomorrow. Now to watch Sesame Street YouTube videos with M.

Ps this is how I caught him during his nap ... He somehow managed to get his shirt over his head.

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