Thursday, January 23, 2014

dailymile 2013 year end report

sheesh I can't believe January is close to being over and I still haven't posted my 2013 review from dailymile.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love  Aside from jotting down my mileage in my planner, I keep track of my running through this free website.  Sometimes it takes me days to enter my data, but I've been close to 99% accurate with getting the information entered.  It's probably due to my OCD or my desire to see the number of miles grow and grow week after week!

It's a great tool for looking back at your daily, weekly, and monthly inputs.  I'm a huge analytical nerd and totally have many "what if" scenarios with my running spread.

total miles - 774
average miles per week - 14
total # of workouts - 217
25 pounds burned
most miles ran in August
least miles ran in January

so what does this mean for 2014hopefully more miles!  I would love to hit 800 miles this year so we'll see how that goes.  So far I'm going to surpass my January miles from 2013 which is an encouraging way to start off the year.  Having 80 mile months would be rad but I'm finding it challenging to get that done in the winter.  I've ran most of my miles in 2014 on the indoor track at the YMCA and am looking forward to less frigid temps in February (although that's still very much winter here in Charlotte, NC).

Fingers crossed for a healthy year of running in 2014!  (aka no more broken bones ... like the wrist disaster of September 2012)

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