Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back to Basics

After dropping Mason off at school I headed to the Harris YMCA.  I figured I would run some shake out miles since I had done my long run yesterday.  I scanned my membership tag and asked Russ (the really nice old man who mans the check in desk) what classes were being offered at 9:30am.  "Well there's yoga and cycling.  Do you want your yoga pass?"  He remembered that I had taken the 9:30am yoga class yesterday so I agreed and ran to get my yoga mat from my car. 

I hadn't wanted to run today so I was super excited that I had a chance to stretch it out during a yoga class.  I had never taken a class with Greg, the teacher, and was looking forward to an hour and 15 minutes of deep stretching and breathing.

Greg led us through exactly the type of class I needed today.  His message was "Back to Basics" ... back to simplicity and not trying to complicate everything.  Each movement was nice and slow and I found myself holding each pose a little longer than I was used to.  He helped position my back foot during warrior 1 and helped move my hips during right angle pose.  He was there when I needed him to be and gone when I was deep into my breath.

It may not have been as fast moving as yesterday's class, but it definitely had its hard stretches and over 15 chaturangas.  I left rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of the day.  

I'm totally digging mixing yoga practice with my running.  I hope to continue going to yoga classes as often as I can.  

And on a random note, check out Matt's blog, Angry Jogger, when you get a chance.  He has a great blog on how he's been able to lose weight while running.  He's been running half marathons and full marathons all throughout Europe for the past few years.  Go on over and say hello! 

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