Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A chilly day

I have never experienced a colder morning in my entire life. Taking Honey out this morning was surreal ... 7 degrees but felt like 0. Zero degrees. My little brain can't even comprehend how that is possible.

Anyways I made it to the ymca after taking yesterday off. I took a Flybarre class Sunday afternoon and my legs were feeling it.

Today I ran a sluggish 4 miles on te treadmill since the Dowd YMCA has an indoor track that takes 16 laps for one mile. That's absurd.

Second set of 2 miles included 3
Minutes of walking.

My delicious and warm second breakfast was a cup of breakfast tea and egg and cheddar croissant sandwich from Sunflour baking company. I dream about these sandwiches.

Stay warm!

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